North Valley Aviation Association

Proudly presents - Chico Summer Flight Academy
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The Cadet Class of 2006 The Cadet Class of 2007
Zack Stewart, Charles Thomas, Instructor Michelle McCart, Dave Maxwell, and Hayley Richer Instructor Clint Martin, Tylan Selby, Allison West, Lauren Siebal, Paige Prior, Instructor Dave Donnelly
The Cadet Class of 2008 The Cadet Class of 2009
Instructor Dave Donnely, Instructor Diane Schneiweiss, Morgan Hughes, Laura Decker, Anthony Thomas and Daniel Perkins Matt Eager, Jahlela Hasle, Joel Driscoll and Chase Hopkins
The Cadet Class of 2010 James Simon, MD
Claire Anderson, Jake Brown, Joey Ruth, and Trevor Claverie Dr. Jim Simon with Allison West. Dr. Simon graciously provides no cost flight physicals for the graduates
The Cadet Class of 2012
Zachary Cavender, Trevor Hemming, Jacob Graber, Brandon Nelson

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